6th Annual Bass Bash

Saturday July 23, 2022
Lake Noquebay
Tournament Hours: 6:00 am – 2:00 pm
Pre-Tournament Meeting and Boat Check in – 5:30 am
Boat Positions decided by order of entries received
Tournament Headquarters – North Landing

Large & Small mouth Bass
5 Fish limit
14-inch minimum size

Sponsored by:
I.D.K. Saloon & Grill
Lunch for all contestants at the bar after weigh in

Entry fee $125.00 per boat
(Big Bass included $25.00)
Limit 2 persons per boat
100% Payout

We are having a blind weight in. No weights will be given out at the landing, ONLY at the bar after!
Payouts will be given out at I.D.K. Saloon after the Tournament

Maximum Payout Based on 19 boats

First Place: $900.00
Second Place: $600.00
Third Place: $300.00
Forth Place: $100.00
Largest Bass: $475.00

Entry forms must be accompanied with check in full for $125.00
Made payable to:
I Don’t Know
Send official entry form and fee to:
I Don’t Know Saloon
N9223 Ellis Ln
Wausaukee, WI 54177
(Cash Only at Boat Landing)

You must be checked in before the meeting.

If you have any questions or need more information call:

Kevin or Renee Hood
Bar: 715-854-2155

Ron Soletske
Cell: 920-591-0891

Tournament Rules

  1. No participants are allowed on the water 48 hours prior to the tournament start time.
  2. No refunds 48 hours prior to tournament.
  3. Large & Small mouth bass only, with a 14-inch minimum length. Short fish disqualifies bag.
  4. 5 fish limit. Only 5 fish can be brought to the scale or largest fish will be disqualified.
  5. Dead fish – no penalty. Dead fish will not be big fish. Dead fish must be approved by weigh in crew. Any dead fish deemed not legal by weigh in crew disqualifies bag.
  6. All boats must have a working live well or an aerated cooler that can handle a limit of fish. No stringers or baskets or face disqualification.
  7. Artificial bait only.
  8. Late penalty: Late boats will be disqualified. LATE IS LATE, NO EXCUSES!!
  9. Anyone under 18 years of age must have written permission from a legal guardian.
  10. Boat check and pre meeting half an hour before takeoff. One member from each team must be present or face disqualification.
  11. All boats must conform to Coast Guard and Wisconsin Fishing Regulations.
  12. Tournament Officials have the right to deny any entry.
  13. Life jackets are always recommended at all times.
  14. Interpretation of these rules or any rules is left exclusively to the Tournament Officials. The decisions of these officials will be final in all matters.
  15. All other rules will be discussed at the pre-tournament meeting and boat check.